Travis creates a convenient and stylish space.
Provides excellent riding comfort by removing the Jerk in the downward direction
1. Transport capacity control function according to speed change
2. Reinforcement of safety by improving the movement of the footrest and minimizing the gap between the footrest
3. Flexible curved design for comfort and stability
4. Satisfies global standards such as EN (European standard), ASME (American standard), JEAS (Japanese standard)
5. Minimize power usage
Light weight, soft and stylish construction
The forward-facing tube truss with finely finished
and large bearing force provides stability and reliability.
Stair Plate
It is made of high-grade aluminum material
and has an anti-slip treatment
to protect passengers safely.
Handrail Entry Box
It protects customers quickly
and safely even if foreign substances
that impede safety are inserted.
The Basic material for CAGE, 1F, basement is made of stainless steel and another floors’ material is made of steel.
The floors applying door against fire don’t apply the window for crime prevention on H/DOOR.
The printed color could be different from the actual object.